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NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame

NP Serene 5/4/3 BZ Steamer - dame


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Serene er NP sin mest fleksible våtdrakt laget for damer. Denne drakten er designet for all type vannsport, og har en utmerket passform og er kanskje verdens mest stretchy drakt da NP bruker Yamamoto neopren. The 2019 Serene redesigns what you thought was possible in a woman's wetsuit. Comfortable and rated for the cooler temperatures (6-12°C / 43-54°F), this suit is a great buy for any professional boarder or diver.The calm before the storm.Neilpryde Thickness GuideWhat NP has to say about the 2019 Serene BZ: The suit for a perfect balance of performance and warmth. It's our most popular model made of high stretch materials with partially taped seams. A light weight and quick dry thermal insulation covers the chest, back and legs for warmth and it also features expansion forearms for anti-cramping. The underarms are also decorated with a sublimated gradient print for aesthetic appeal.FeaturesAquavents PlushThermocore Thermal ProtectionTech Xap Thermal ProtectionDri-FlexKey LoopMesh PanelSCS Neck SealYamamoto Limestone NeopreneInner Melco TapeE3 EntryLatex WristApex-Plus Double LinedGlued and Blind Stitched SeamsInfrared Back ZipperArmortex KneepadsTechnologyYamamoto LimestoneYamamoto limestone Neoprene is a more sustainable alterative to classic petroleum based neoprene, as it reduces the energy input needed to produce it. It also is much more stretchy than standard neoprene, and more durable. It offers a hybrid technology - lightweight, fast drying thermal properties for superior insulation performance in and on the water. At Neilpryde we use limestone neoprene as a standard for our full wetsuit range.EFX Expansion PanelExclusive to NeilPryde, the EFX system allows the forearm section of the wetsuit to expand as blood flow increases to the forearms. Tight wetsuits that do not allow for increased blood flow in the limb extremities can cause cramping in the hands and forearms as lactic acid builds up. Increase your time in the water and endurance with the all new EFX system for the ultimate experience on the water.Inner Melco TapeTape to seal Neoprene seams and stitches on the inside of the wetsuit. It is super stretchable while further ensuring the wetsuit stays waterproof.Apex-Plus Double LinedSilky smooth neoprene with 25% more stretch. Apex Plus is made from Apex Lite core laminated with a unique, silky outer jersey containing more spandex for flexibility and soft hand feel. The Apex Lite core is infused with more microscopic air bubbles making it stretchier, warmer, and lighter than traditional neoprene.NP's Wetsuit Size Guide*Size IndicationHeightChestWaistEUUS FT/INCMINCMINCM34XS5'2 "- 5'4"158-16330-3376-8424-2762-6936S5'3 "- 5'5"160-16532-3581-8926-2967-7438M5'5" - 5'7"165-17034-3786-9428-3172-7938TMT5'7 "- 5'9"170-17534-3786-9428-3172-7940L5'7 "- 5'9170-17536-3991-9930-3377-8440TLT5'9 "- 5'11"175-18036-3991-9930-3377-8442XL5'9" - 5'11"175-18037-4094-10232-3582-8942TXLT5'10" -6 '0"178-18337-4094-10232-3582-8944XXL5'10" - 6'0"178-18339-4299-10634-3786-9

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