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JP Freefoil PRO - 2020
JP Freefoil PRO - 2020
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, JP Freefoil PRO - 2020
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, JP Freefoil PRO - 2020

JP Freefoil PRO - 2020


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Et helt nytt konsept fra JP hvor målsetningen var å lage et foil brett som gjør alt, og for alle. From Zero to hero!

Dette skriver JP selv om brettet

Foil All-rounder for All.

An all-new and unique concept: JP’s great foil all-rounder! Regarding the design, we started from scratch with these new boards and came up with very compact shapes. They have little to no limitations regarding the range of use and suit the whole windsurf foil community as target group. From zero to hero!

General features of these two, new FreeFoil designs:

Foil Mount & positions: The strong construction is built to last and can take all the forces. The plate mount and the Tuttle box fitting cover all needs and rider preferences. Being able to adjust not only the mast track, but the Foil as well, allows the rider to tune this board exactly to their own specific foiling style – and the scale helps you to find the right position of the foil.

Strap positions: The centre foot strap option with the huge adjustment range is an essential key feature and the base for control over both rails. This grants a safe feel and quick progress for the newcomers to foiling as they will stay balanced easily and prevents entry level riders from losing the stability in the air. For experienced sailors the centred straps mean absolute freedom to get creative: The toy of joy offers everything for the advanced rider who wants to push his limits and take his freestyle know-how into the new world of foiling. The manoeuvre oriented rider will enjoy flying down the smooth swell faces, or even taking it into the waves for some long effortless flights. The FreeFoils also come with the common outboard 4 strap setup for regular foiling. They track extremely well up and down wind and allow a fast and efficient flight mode – ideal for all freeriders who want to use powerful foils and to sail fast.

Shape: The comfortable deck shape is also very user friendly for the strapless riders out there. It offers the most responsive feel, at the same time being as forgiving as it can get. Being narrow enough, they allow easy foot movement for gybes as well as transition from rail to rail. The voluminous rails in combination with a small bevel provide lift on occasional touch-downs for a smooth and a forgiving glide.

Trim: The insert options allow to trim the mast base and foil closer together and quite far forward. This opens a total new window for the advanced rider as the board gets more lively and direct for immediate response. So, this option is especially interesting for the freestyle and wave community.

Wing Foil: For strap-less Wing Foiling mount the plate/wing of the foil all the way forward in the track boxes. Ideal for all types of freeride foiling. Whether it be just cruising along, riding strapless, wave foiling, wing surfing, teaching people how to foil behind a boat, or even freestyle, this board can do it all, and can do it all REALLY WELL!

Suitable for all conditions and levels! Ease, manoevrability, and control for everybody!

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