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Slingshot Sci-Fly 2020
Slingshot Sci-Fly 2020
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Slingshot Sci-Fly 2020
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Slingshot Sci-Fly 2020

Slingshot Sci-Fly 2020

Normal pris 12.499,00 kr

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inkl. mva


Sci-Fly er et perfekt brett for deg som vil ha et kitesurfbrett for freeride/wave! 

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New for 2020, the Sci-Fly is a modern short board designed for aerials and powered-up, progressive freeriding.

Package Includes:

2020 SCI-FLY board, 3 FCS II FIN SET-UP

winged diamond tail

NEW Winged Diamond Tail

A sharp and pivotal shape with plenty of grip and a clean release when popping off the water.

grab rails

Grab Rails

Indented ridges lengthwise on the top and bottom of the rail are a huge help when grabbing your board during aerial maneuvers.

tri fin set up

Tri-Fin Configuration

Also known as the thruster, this setup is stable, maneuverable and versatile. It holds well in powered up action and on steep, critical sections of waves.

FCSII Keyless Fins

No tool required, just click in and click out. They’re quick, easy, convenient and just as secure.

corduroy deck pad

NEW Corduroy Deck Pad

Slightly softer than our deck pads of the past, this new corduroy texture provides tons of grip and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye.

Carbon Reinforcements

Lengthwise carbon stringers, top and bottom, provide strength and stiffness, carbon rails along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents and damage from hard landings.

new footstrap position

NEW Footstrap Insert Position

The inserts on the tail of the board have been re-positioned to give riders the optimal rear foot position when riding straps. This places your foot directly over the rear fins for a better drive, turn, and more snap.





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